If I was on a deserted island, I world being Arnold .schwarzenegger When though he is an actor, he’s been in countless action movie so he would know how to survive. Plus he very strong so he can carry thing when traveling.

“eight, nine, ten!” Shouted George as he opened his eyes. Hide and seek was game for the evening and after two days of heavy rainfall, he was delighted to be able to go outside and play with his friends. In the countryside of England, rainfall was extremely common and happened most of the time. Because […]

As Verona, a young talented girl who was quietly collecting wood for her group, she knew that it was getting dark and she needed to hurry up before the howlers flies. If you don’t know what a howler fly them read on. After the nuclear war broke out in the USA, they were experimenting with […]

I was only a spec. Floating in with other specs. Roaming around the magma pools underneath the volcano. Life there was very tedious. Swimming around in the extremely hot magma which never ends and leads to a loop of endless underground tunnels and caves. This was daily life for me, that never changes. Doing absolutely […]

Question In this script is very weird because person a is curious to know what person b has. In this script I think that the playground because a playtime is bigger so there is more space to explore and find something weird. Fin: that was my cookie Jerry: no mum have that to me Fin: […]

When Juliet apparently dies, Capulet is deeply upset but tries his best to keep cool because he is the stronger male. This is because back in Shakespearean times, the alpha male (Capulet) has to act strong or he will look like he’s weak.  

Act 4, scene 3. Juliet lies in her bed. ¬†Juliet inquires the Nurse to let her spend the night on her own.Alone, clutching the potion given to her by the Friar, she is concerned what will happen¬†when she drinks the potion. She shortly drinks or and falls asleep. 2. She says this because she wants […]